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Brenda Newby Paranormal Investigator
  • Paranormal Investigator since 2012
  • EVP Specialist
  • Trained MUFON Field Investigator
  • Paranormal Author
  • Terrell Ghosts, Owner
Brenda Newby Paranormal Investigator Dayton MUFON

Brenda Newby


Brenda has conducted hundreds of hours of investigation at highly active locations. Brenda is completing her studies as a field investigator for the Mutual UFO Network, is proficient in the study of electronic voice phenomenon, and works closely with mediums. She holds a general membership at the Rhine Research Center (Duke University), the longest running research program dedicated to studying parapsychology, trying to understand the science behind psychic ability. Brenda holds a business degree from the University of Phoenix and holds several certifications in online digital marketing. Brenda’s personal exploration focuses on the latest theories of paranormal science and understanding the psychology of belief. As well, she has classroom and online training in critical thinking. She recently completed an online course in and the application of skepticism. She has diverse practical experience in investigation techniques including client interviewing, planning and preparation, conducting and documenting THE GHOST STORIES OF TERRELL, TEXAS control studies, EVP analysis, videography, and facilitating the team’s medium during location readings. She and her team have been featured on the
popular radio show, Texas Road Trippin’ with J. D. Ryan, Ride Texas Magazine (a publication of Texas Monthly) and was a cover feature of Kaufman County Times.
Brenda is the founder and developer of the Terrell Ghost Walk, developing a trustworthy and skilled Medium program including private, group, and gallery readings, and has written several educational programs including dealing with malevolent energies and how to conduct and analyze electronic voice phenomenon.
Brenda lives in east Texas with her husband, her two elderly Boxers, and young Chiuaua. He son lives in Waco and is always only a short drive away.
Although she is currently recovering from a spinal injury, she takes every possible opportunity to make it down the range where when able she enjoys defensive competition shooting, gardening, being with friends, dancing, and spending time in the great outdoors.  

It's always a great day to talk to those on the other side.

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