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Who is Terrell Ghosts Paranormal Team?

Terrell Ghosts was formed in 2013.  Founded by a family: son, mother, and grandmother.
The group attended the Jefferson Ghost Walk where they photographed an apparition which had been documented for over 100 years.
Soon, curiosity took over and they started to explore more about what is on the other side.
Since then, they have taken their hobby to the next level by cultivating a business around the paranormal.
Terrell Ghosts offers free paranormal investigations, the Terrell Ghost Walk, and more.

The Ghost Photo That Started It All

In this photo, the alleged apparition is seen on the left standing next to the house,the white building on the right.  You can see the darkest part of the roof to gain comparison.  This is the first photograph of an apparition taken by the team and it started the formation of Terrell Ghosts. 

jefferson ghost walk ghost photo of man of the grove

The ghostly image is believed to be of a man  who used to stay in the home’s maid’s quarters.  He has been seen and photographed by others for over 100 years.

Photo captured in the Jefferson, Texas at the Grove House.

Terrell Ghosts Paranormal Team’s Philosophy

  • We aim to provide a voice for those on the other side while supporting those living with a haunting.

  • We believe that the paranormal should be embraced, not feared, as it is evidence our loved ones are still with us in spirit.
  • We consider it to be a privilege to work with other paranormal teams, as we learn from each other and establish stronger credibility to our efforts
  • No one should have to live or work in a place they are fearful of

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