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Spend Your Saturday Night in Pursuit of the Haunted Streets of Terrell, Texas

The Terrell Ghost Walk

One of Texas’ haunted tours, you will quickly learn why the city of Terrell ranks among one of the best.  Tour now features a brief investigation of the haunted Anderson building (also known as Hardbodies).  Our knowledgeable paranormal expert will show you areas of Terrell’s Small Business District that are rarely, if ever, visited. During the Terrell Ghost Walk, you will find the architecture will take your breath away, but you will quickly be reminded that spirits still linger and manifest in the city of Terrell on a continuous basis. There is no shortage of ghostly interactions shared by staff, owners, volunteers, customers, the Terrell Police Department officers, and unnamed city officials.  Some teammates have firsthand knowledge of what goes bump in the night, the day.

The Paranormal Triangle in Terrell

Visit the strange “Triangle,” where an admittedly nervous parade of Terrell Police Officers witnessed humanoid-shaped shadows repeatedly on CCTV. They were simply monitoring the streets for safety and had not anticipated seeing the strange figures stroll down the sidewalk as if it were logical. The sightings here are so lifelike that they are easily mistaken for customers before they recede into thin air. The three structures that make up the triangle’s points contain some of the most baffling supernatural tales we have ever heard.

The Speculated Morgue in the Haunted Anderson Building

Because of its truly unexplainable stories, the Anderson Building is the apex of the three buildings that represent “The Triangle.” There, you, our guest, will participate in a genuine paranormal research experiment. The investigation will focus on the building’s basement. This area has been rumored to have served as the city’s morgue during the hospital’s decades of operation. The equipment and guidance will be facilitated by your knowledgeable tour guide. If the spirits are willing, you may have your own supernatural interactions.

Photo Contest: Can You Photograph an Apparition

Bring your cameras and cell phones equipped with cameras. Generous prizes will be awarded for this year’s best photographs. Additional information will be available soon. Visit our blog for tips: Photographing the Paranormal on the Fly.

We Hope to See You at the Terrell Ghost Walk

Have a fun-filled Saturday night and be a part of something special. Nobody can guarantee a life-altering event. However, are you up for binge-watching Breaking Bad for the third time this evening?

It’s always a good day to talk with the dead. Simply purchase a ticket.

In the City of Terrell... You May Have a Supernatural Experience. A Strange Hand May Stroke Your Hair Ghosts Appear in Photos The Spirits are Everywhere

The Terrell Ghost Walk
One of our happy guests!


The ghost stories of terrell texas a collection of true and amazing hauntings as told by paranormal investigators
Read the Book the City of Terrell Doesn't Want You to Read

Be part of the action!

1/4 mile walking tour exploring some of the lesser seen parts of the downtown business district

Use a few of our EMF detectors, or download one of the free ghost hunting phone apps for Apple or Android.

Bring your cameras!!  We have a photo contest at the end of the season.  You tour guide will point out the best photo locations.  Unusual photos have been taken.

Help with an EVP session at the Anderson Building.  Results from the recording will be analyzed and posted by the end of the week.  Help the tour guide conduct a quick investigation in the basement.

Are These Ghost Photos Taken By Our Guests?

Photo Contest In October

Bring your cameras, tripods, and an intent to find something ghostly on the Terrell Ghost Walk. This season we will be hosting a photography contest to determine who caught the best find. Upload your photo and your name to our website, and we will post your picture.
All of our followers will have a chance to view all the season’s photos and vote on each one. At the closing of the contest, on November 30th, the image with the most votes will receive a nice prize.
Make sure to review our blog post on Photographing on the Fly for tips on getting the best shots.
As a policy, Terrell Ghosts team members do not comment on the validity of any photo taken by our guests. If we did not take the picture ourselves, then we can’t be objective.
When you are ready to upload, be sure to visit our website for the ability to upload your submission.

Media and Affiliations

Laurie H
Laurie H
Read More
We really enjoyed the tour tonight! The guide was full of stories about the history in Terrell and the spirits that have been encountered there. Tonight was a beautiful night, too. The crowd tonight was fun, and everyone was so nice. If you haven't taken the Walk yet, do it!!!
Shayne L
Shayne L
Read More
Had so much fun and loved the history! Mary Jo is a great tour guide, and her stories gave me chills. What a great way to spend a dark Texas night! ��
Jessica M
Jessica M
Read More
I went on this ghost walk a few months ago and had a lot of fun! I just went on vacation and went on a ghost walk in San Antonio, and I have to say, the Terrell location was better! The tour guides were more interesting and funny. I also loved the hand held ghost detecting devices they didn't have anything like that in San Antonio. We had a lot of fun with those!
Ron H
Ron H
Read More
We loved the knowledge of the tour guide , we had fun out on a Saturday night learning the gruesome details of our little town !Thanks yall

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  • The analysis of the paranormal, the investigation, and science stay purely theoretical ideas.
  • Although the availability of additional tools and technological developments have increased significantly, no one has the answers.
  • Consequently, there have been documented cases of individuals and families being harmed by anomalies.
  • Terrell Ghosts and its members work in good faith to collect information that may facilitate the identification of possible concepts in quantum physics and other sciences.
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