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Visit us in April

Currently the Terrell Ghost Walk is off-season.  We will return in April of 2020. Private Tours are available for groups of a minimum of 5 people or a $100 minimum.  Tickets are $20 per person and there are no discounts for private tours.

Contact us for a private tour.

Description of the Terrell Ghost Walk:

Walk about 1/4 mile through the historic, haunted small business district in Terrell and learn the stories about the things that go bump in the night. 

True Ghost Stories

The hauntings reported, by credible witnesses, will make your skin crawl with goosebumps.  Our tour guide will take you through the streets of one of the most haunted, ghostly towns in Texas.

Places to Visit in Texas

Get a close up look at parts of the city that most people don’t get an opportunity to see.  Buildings built in the 1800s are still standing and, some believe, the former business owners are still around.

Featured as a Haunted Experience in Texas

Because of the proximity to active trains and Moore Avenue’s unusual placement to migratory ley lines, it makes it a perfect location for hauntings so intense you don’t realize they are ghosts.

Have a Ghostly Experience

You may even have an experience of your own.  It happens more often than you think.

The Book: The Ghost Stories of Terrell, Texas

Wanna know more now?  Check out our book:  The Ghost Stories of Terrell, Texas:  A Collection of True and Amazing Hauntings as Told by Paranormal Investigators.

Buy in Print, Amazon Kindle, or on your favorite eReader.

Guests Possible Ghost Photos from the Terrell Ghost Walk

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Bring Your Cameras!

We run regular photography contests on our website so make sure you bring your cameras. Look above to see some of the photographs our guests have captured over the years.

Limited Tickets

Starting in 2020 we request that you reserve your place in the tour before noon the day of the tour. If we have availability after that we will do our personal best to work you in. You can purchase your tickets online at the link below. General admission is $20 per person. See our discounted list below.
Stay Informed

"Every city is a ghost. New buildings rise upon the house of the old so that each shiny steel beam, each tower of brick carries within it the memories of what has gone before, an architectural haunting. Sometimes you can catch a glimpse of these former incarnations in the awkward angle of a street or filigreed gate, an old oak door peeking out from a new facade, the plaque commemorating the spot that was once a battleground, which became a saloon and is now a park."

Photo of the Carnegie Building, now home to the City Owned Terrell Heritage Museum.  Maintained by the Terrell Heritage Society.

Photo taken by Mary Jo Woodruff

2020 Meeting location to be announced.

  • Available by Appointment or Event only
  • investigators@terrellghosts.com
  • 972-546-7536
Terrell Ghost Walk Area

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Photo taken by Mary Jo Woodruff, Books and Crannies, Terrell, Texas

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