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June 23, 2020

Shadowman Peers At Woman Through Her Window

Is that a shadow person at your door or is an early trick-or-treater?

"Knock, knock, motherf*(&er."

June 23, 2020

Someone is peering through your window?

The advancement of affordable technology has provided residents with a way to witness paranormal events that may normally go unnoticed.  The end result is an upset tenant who has captured unbelievable footage of normally unseen entities actually lurking around in the house.  This results in hours of footage gracing our inbox from upset families wanting to know one thing:  What the hell is happening in your house?

Our team was called to out to investigate orbs suddenly setting off a motion activated living room camera. The client, who had reported paranormal events to us before, supplied us with her numerous short videos taken by her home security camera.  Immediately, we confirmed evidence of a poltergeist haunting with objects moving around her living room.

One short video showed two bottles sitting on her coffee table that moved approximately 6 inches, stopped, and the moved another 6 inches in tandem. All while the homeowner had her back turned. In another video we followed an orb that manifested from the foyer then intelligently followed her down the hallway.  Our team reviewed the short video multiple times as we each considered possible organic causes for the small balls of light.  Hyper-focused in our dissection of the glowing anomalies we became oblivious to one of the most significant finds we have encountered. 


One of our investigators kept stating that there was movement happening at the front door.  Compelled to analyze for myself, I started to review the short video segment with my focus now on the door.  Suddenly, I saw it and the hair on my arms stood completely up.  Our client was not alone that night.

This camera, set at eye level, was focused on a small, embellished window in the center of the front door. An unusual shadow becomes visible in the window.  It appears to move from the left side of the porch into view as it peers into the client’s living room. As suddenly as it appeared, the being the ghostly shadow person disappears.  We were able to salvage the video, as seen below.  

The team immediately jumped into action.  We tried to recreate the events in order to get as much information as possible.  I went to the front porch and tried to imitate the actions of this humanoid shadow.  There was a motion light on the front porch that sits on the left side of the door. The light is extremely bright and even a small movement causing it to illuminate the front porch for approximately 2 seconds. In the video, there was no indication that motion light ever activated.

Video is nothing more than a series of photographs with time in between. With the short time the light turns on it is possible it was illuminated during the “in- between” time. Another explanation could be that the height of the being was so short it did not activate the light. My opinion is that the light was never activated. If it had I do believe it would have startled the entity and caused it to run. 

The team held Congress out of the ear of the client. We all came to the same conclusion. Whatever was captured wasn’t human. At least not a physical human.  There was not doubt that something strange was watching our client like some sort of ghostly peeping tom. 

You have seen the video.  What do you think it was?

Brenda Newby

  • Lead Paranormal Investigator
  • Terrell Ghosts Founder
  • Paranormal Author
  • Artist, Outlander and Deviant Work
  • Paranormal Photography Specialist
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Security cameras all around the world are catching strange and unusual things we have never seen before.  Check out some of this footage from below. 

This is why you want true paranormal investigators in your haunted home.  Do your research and make sure they are truly dedicated to their craft and not just a “fly by night” ghost hunting group.  They could make it worse.

This next spectre isn’t really seen but it appears to want to let himself in.  He probably just smelled the family cooking for dinner and wanted a bite. Perhaps, it was just cold and he wanted to warm  up a bit.  Either way, this family was mesmerized by his presence.

Do you have footage you want us to review?  Send it to our email at and we are happy to have our team look at it.  All footage is kept confidential unless you want us to share it.

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