Strange orbs, ghostly apparitions, unsettling noises from invisible sources. a few things you want in a great ghost story. It is even better when those stories are all true. True paranormal events by those that shared them with us (and some experienced by us firsthand). A collection of spooky, eerie stories that are abundant in and around this little town’s small business district. Ghost stories for adults that will leave you with chills but appropriate enough to tell the kids by the campfire.

When we came to the city of Terrell to perform paranormal investigations at the request of local homeowners, we got the feeling there was more to this town than what meets the eye. This was never truer than in the town’s small business district. In fact, it wasn’t long before we had stories to tell and numerous experiences to share of our own.

Each chapter covers a few of the more popular stories regarding its spirits and ghostly happenings. It’s not unusual for the ghost walk tour guests to capture an unusual photograph or experience something unusual and unexplainable both in the buildings and throughout the streets.  Some of them are included on the Terrell Ghost Walk but some of them will be new to everyone.  There seem to be more every day.

A portion of the proceeds go to the Terrell State Hospital Volunteer Services.