Description of the Terrell Ghost Walk

Participate in an investigation in the Anderson Building’s former morgue during the Terrell Ghost Walk.  Our experienced paranormal expert will take you through the rarely, if ever, seen areas of Terrell’s Small Business District where the spirits still linger and appear regularly.  Ghostly experiences shared by staff, owners, volunteers, customers, and even police officers and unnamed city officials.  (We even have a story from a local pastor).  Visit the strange “Triangle Area” where ghosts have been witnessed on CCTV by Terrell’s Police Department walking down the sidewalk like they were just going through the motions of life.  Apparitions here are so abundant and so realistic that they are mistaken for you and me.

Bring your cameras and camera phones.  Big prizes for this year’s best photos.  More details at the walk.  Visit our tips on our blog:  Photographing the Paranormal on the Fly.

Have an entertaining Saturday night that you won’t want to wait to tell your friends about.  Be part of the experience.

About the Terrell Ghost Walk

  • 1/4-mile walking tour exploring some lesser-seen parts of the downtown business district
  • Be part of the tour, use a few of our EMF detectors, or download one of the free ghost hunting phone apps for Apple or Android.
  • Bring your cameras!!  Your tour guide will point out where the unique ghostly) pictures have
  • been taken. Photo contest, with prizes, at end of the season.
  • Help with an EVP session at the Anderson Building.  Results from the recording will be analyzed and posted by the end of the week.  Help the tour guide conduct a quick investigation in the basement.

Get all the details on our website on the Terrell Ghost Walk page.