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July 18, 2020

Lady of White Rock Lake

“Causing Men to Say, “WTF” since 1964.

“The problem with the dead was that they all wanted someone to listen to them.”

― Yangsze Choo, The Ghost Bride Tweet
July 18, 2020

Ghostly Hitchhiker at White Rock Lake

I was a teenager growing up in Dallas in the 1960s, attending Woodrow Wilson High School and frequenting nearby White Rock Lake Park. It was a different park than today, not so developed. It was not the creepy place described in urban legends. Even then there were stories of bygone days of White Rock Lake murders, along with all the other Dallas urban legends and folklore. Without a doubt, the biggest legend was that of the “Lady of the Lake,”, or the “Lady in White.”
Perhaps every lake in Texas has a “Lady of the Lake” legend. Just to the West, Fort Worth’s Lake Worth had much the same urban legend, with just a twist.
It seemed very real to a bunch of teenagers hanging out near the Bath House or the sailboat piers.

There were at least two documented deaths of young, beautiful women in White Rock Lake. One in the early 1930s and another in the mid 1940s. One was an apparent suicide and the other an accidental drowning.

Newspaper reports, like the one on the right,  around those times told of reputable, mature, towns folks picking up a dripping wet young woman wearing a white dress and in distress on Lawther Drive, which surrounds White Rock Lake, or on nearby Gaston Avenue and Garland Road. Dripping wet, asking for a ride to her prestigious home on Gaston Avenue (an upscale neighborhood) and then disappearing, leaving a wet spot on the seat.

Another White Rock Lake ghost story involves people reporting a lady in white rising from the waters of the lake, motioning for them to come to her.
Every teenager cruising the lake road or the spillway on nearby Gaston Avenue and Garland Road kept an eye out for the apparition, just hoping, and yet hoping not! What I can vouch for is the large number of bats that lived around the lake in the old trees and park buildings. Many times we were driven into our cars from the picnic tables or the hood of the car by these swirling little demons. The bats would dive bomb us, retreat, repeat!
There were cops with flashlights, too.

Even today, people report making contact with the distressed lady in white. Offering a ride only to find that puddle of water on the passenger side seat.  Leaving the chivalrous gentleman saying, “WTF”. 

We have no true evidence of the Lady of White Rock lake.  However, this legend is not exclusive to the Dallas ghost.  Similar reports have been documented, thanks to the invention of the GoPro camera and those that love to film their travels.  

Take a look at the video footage on your right.  Someone please explain that to me.

Mary Jo

  • Lead Paranormal Investigator
  • Terrell Ghosts Founder
  • Paranormal Author
  • Artist, Outlander and Deviant Work
  • Paranormal Photography Specialist
ghostly lady of white rock lake

The lady in white is not exclusive to the Dallas, White Rock area.  This urban legend is reported all around the world.  Both of these men will disagree it’s a “legend.” 

Taking a notoriously haunted road to a wedding, this man had a paranormal experience that generated a sincere reaction.  Regardless of being frightened he turned around and went back.  #fearless

This couple took the road less traveled.  Or, at least, traveled by the living.  A routine motorcycle ride turned into a life-altering experience with the paranormal.

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