Is My House Haunted?

"I cannot tell you how irritating it is to be an atheist in a haunted house." -Matthew Anderson

Do you find your cabinet doors open in the morning? Have you misplaced your car keys, yet again, only to find them in the refrigerator? Are you hearing voices and/or catching fleeting shadows outside of your line of vision? Are you questioning your own sanity?

You’re Not Crazy If you are reading this article, you’re likely asking yourself: “Am I losing my mind?” You’re not alone here. Stay calm.

Why is my house haunted?

Spirits are connected to living individuals, locations, and objects. Sometimes a fantastic antique you purchased unknowingly has the original owner still attached. Previous occupants may be attached to the building or house where you work or live. The land itself may be the culprit. 

An important thing to remember is to relax and know your spectral guest is likely curious about you too. Although it may be a bit unnerving, rarely is a haunting a severe issue for a homeowner.

How do I know if my house is haunted?

The infographic below describes some common symptoms of a haunted home.

signs your house is haunted

The most critical thing to bear in mind is to relax and recognize your own potential guest’s curiosity. It may be a bit frightening, but an occasional haunting is rarely problematic for a homeowner.

Document your experiences and make sure you reach out to a reputable paranormal team for help and to address your concerns. In order to identify and pacify the activity, a free-of-charge investigation may be needed.

If your haunting continues to get you down, consider yourself lucky you are not in this guy’s apartment. (video below)

Brenda Newby

Brenda Newby

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