I Talk to Dead people

"There is a ghost here. A lonely, brokenhearted spirit. The ghost of everything that could have been but never was." --Jennifer Donnelly, The Tea Room

On my left side, there was a sweet child-like voice that said, "Will you please play?". Quickly, I turned back to see who I had heard. There was no one there, but I called out. I stood up and proceeded out the door when I heard footsteps sprinting away from me as I moved forward. I called out again and got no response.


My mother, the lead investigator, truly didn’t want anyone sleeping alone. I had no plans for sleep that night. It seemed as there was more happening there; esoterically, I was determined to have an experience, whether I was actively investigating or not. Settling into a room called The Axe Room I got comfortable on the bed, computer in my lap, working on the most tedious and boring thing I could think of: My year-end financial statements. Very quickly, I was focused on the task while still maintaining a physical presence in this supernatural house.

As I was working there were constant noises, bumps, and whispering voices, throughout the house. I would pause and listen, hoping to identify what I was hearing. Several times, I heard footsteps walking along the hardwood floors. The bed I commandeered had a headboard against the walk, the door threshold immediately to my left and the wall behind me gave position to a long wooden staircase.

Suddenly, on my left side, a sweet child-like voice said, “Will you please play?”. Startled, I turned back to see where the voice had manifested. I looked to find no one there, but I called out. Slowly, I turned my body to the side of the bed with my feet flat on the floor. I was hesitant to exit the door threshold for fear of what I might encounter. I heard hurried footsteps sprinting away from me. There was no response as I called out to the child’s spirit again. Not sure what my next action should be I walked to the front of the house to walk the two other investigators sleeping in the room called the Shadow man room. the other two investigators tried to sleep to share my experience. 

Wearing documentation recorders on our arm has always been an annoyance but I was incredibly grateful when I realized my arm band was still on and the recording was running. Let me share the young man’s audible voice with you.


I was startled and turned my head towards the voice. After I called out, “Hello.” I then called out for my fellow investigators. Afterward, I slowly turned and put my feet on the floor, anticipating that I may actually see the spirit of the young boy. Instead, I heard his footsteps run away from me. I then moved into the foyer and to the investigators sleeping at the front of the house. After I woke them to tell them what I heard. They were not extremely interested in what I had to say but asked me if I had gone to the bathroom as the motion-activated chime kept going off. It wasn’t me.

Joshua calls me “Mommy.”

After my team dissed an important moment to get some sleep instead, I started exploring the home. Being right next to the retail room, I decided to look in there. I did hear a voice, but I wasn’t sure what it said. I was heartbroken when I heard the young boy calling out for his “Mommy.”


I realized quickly the CCTV may have captured Joshua’s apparition. After a run to the nerve center, I pulled up the footage starting a couple of minutes before the voice. I was shocked by what I saw.

Something was bouncing around on the stairs as he came down the staircase because the banister was moving! 

Many say the holy grail of paranormal investigation is capturing the image of an apparition. I have had a couple incidents seeing ghost figures, primarily shadow people. But this experience, the audible voice, was so personal for me that it doesn’t hold a candle to seeing a ghostly figure. It changed my life and increased my respect for the departed.

Thanks for reading and listening.

Brenda Newby

Brenda Newby

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