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We are currently working from home due to the pandemic.  We hope to be located back in town in 2022.

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Our system does accept text messages but they often arrive late. We will respond but calling us is recommended if you need a quick reply.

Serving Dallas and Kaufman Counties

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  • The analysis of the paranormal, the investigation, and science stay purely theoretical ideas.
  • Although the availability of additional tools and technological developments have increased significantly, no one has the answers.
  • Consequently, there have been documented cases of individuals and families being harmed by anomalies.
  • Terrell Ghosts and its members work in good faith to collect information that may facilitate the identification of possible concepts in quantum physics and other sciences.
  • We disclaim culpability for acts of God or punitive damages incurred while conducting a paranormal investigation.
  • No one ever holds the answers during this time.

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