Our Mission Statement

We are committed to practicing paranormal investigation and research with objectivity and the application of critical thinking. Being confident of substantial evidence is essential to expanding our knowledge regarding communicating with our dearly departed. Working with other paranormal professionals, staying current in various sciences, and being technologically steadfast is imperative for advancing the field. Technology has advanced, in one decade,
faster than at any time in history. There are more ways to measure and experiment like never before. Soon, we hope to lay rest to theories of quantum mechanics and give them proof of their long-held ideas. It is through these ideas the world may finally have the answer to what happens in the afterlife.

Terrell Ghosts Paranormal Founders

Three Generations: 

Grandmother, a mother, and her son formed the paranormal team in 2012 after the family shared a supernatural experience through a photograph.  This happened at a critical time as one of the members was suffering a life-altering experience and had questions about death.

In addition to complimentary investigations for those in need, they offer various paid services, including the Terrell Ghost Walk. They just published their first book about the Ghost Stories of Terrell, Texas.

The team cannot do it alone, so they will often employ expert researchers for some instances, as needed.

our affiliations and recognitions

"When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me'." Erma Bombeck

The Ghost Photograph That Started It All

The Photograph:  An alleged apparition is standing next to the house, the white building on the right. You can see the darkest part of the roof to gain comparison. The team took our first potential photograph of an apparition. It started the formation of Terrell Ghosts. 

jefferson ghost walk ghost photo of man of the grove

The ghostly image bears a likeness of a traveling salesman who stayed in the home’s maid’s quarters when he was in Jefferson.

He has been seen and photographed by others for over 100 years.

Photo captured in the Jefferson, Texas at the Grove House while on the Jefferson Ghost Walk.

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  • The analysis of the paranormal, the investigation, and science stay purely theoretical ideas.
  • Although the availability of additional tools and technological developments have increased significantly, no one has the answers.
  • Consequently, there have been documented cases of individuals and families being harmed by anomalies.
  • Terrell Ghosts and its members work in good faith to collect information that may facilitate the identification of possible concepts in quantum physics and other sciences.
  • We disclaim culpability for acts of God or punitive damages incurred while conducting a paranormal investigation.
  • No one ever holds the answers during this time.

Terrell Ghosts        972-546-7536        investigators@terrellghosts.com 

All rights reserved by copyright  2017  Terrell Ghosts

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