Haunting to Alien Abduction

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"We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we might not ever want to see.." -Stephen Hawking

Not A Routine Haunting

Strange is our business. We’ve heard countless tales of elementals posing as trolls and fairies. There are accounts of partial apparitions floating around rooms and through walls, disembodied noises, objects passing before someone’s eyes, and the list goes continues. We are pretty unshakable. So, when a call came in from a woman who had woke to find a female apparition by their bedside, we weren’t surprised or dismayed. We only continued to do our jobs as usual.

The Initial Interview and Consultation

We arranged the required client interview and on-site evaluation Myself and another investigator spent several hours with the client and her husband. Meeting in person allows a relaxed setting where information is more easily exchanged. It also provides prospective if we have seen the location described previously on the phone. These conversations help clients recall important details they may have overlooked. Commonly, they recall paranormal events occurring years prior they had tucked away in the recesses of their minds. These dialogues are like puzzle pieces starting to form a complete picture, bit by bit.

We also learned her mother and stepson shared strange experiences at home. Her mother, visiting one weekend, was awakened during the night by a mysterious female presence, identical to Ruth’s visitor. Her stepson would be awakened from slumber by brilliant, white orbs that flew around his room.  The stepson was there two weekends a month.  He was too old to be afraid of the dark room at night as many a child often is.  However, he was unreasonable about sleeping in his own bed.  He only spoke to his parents twice about the light orbs but his behavior told of a very frightened young man.

The Clients

By all appearances they were educated, level-headed, The details precise and clear, never veering. They had nothing to gain from what they were describing to us. They simply wanted answers.

Ruth’s husband, David, like many others, was slightly clairvoyant. He seemed to have developed a kind of relationship with the spirits living in his new home. You could feel that they were reluctant to let strangers in their home record the facts. However, they had worked to document their own evidence through photographs and recordings, to no avail.

Their well-kept home 

Unexplained Illness: Organic or Supernatural?

Ruth was plagued by an unexplained case of severe vertigo. Often, you could witness her hugging a wall to steady the room. No doubt she was suffering. She explained doctors did everything possible in an effort to determine the origin of her disorder. All of them came up empty handed. The disease was so life-altering that Ruth had to leave her job and take disability. Having suffered from a similar situation myself, I could understand her frustration and it was apparent she was a young, ambitious lady who felt trapped by her own body’s intent on keeping her from fully living her life. Although it is uncommon that a haunting causes physical illness, it was important to note the history of her vertigo and the lack of finding any medical resolution.

Ruth’s Ghostly Encounter With the Woman by Her Bedside

The first incident was Ruth waking up, lying in bed with an outstretched arm. Her slumber was interrupted as she felt someone touch her. She opened her eyes to find a female standing at the side of her bed.

Ruth described her as very, very thin with blonde hair, thin lips, large blue eyes, and oddly enough, wearing the same night gown that Ruth was wearing. Ruth saw this apparition in such detail that it was almost alarming. The female apparition had stood at her bed about 3-4 minutes, unheard of in a ghost sighting. Ruth immediately tried to wake her husband, but found herself completely paralyzed and unable to move or speak. Soon the apparition disappeared but the details regarding how she disappeared were very hazy to Ruth.

Ruth’s Mother’s Ghostly Encounter With the Woman by Her Bedside

On another occasion, Ruth’s mother was spending the night on the couch at Ruth’s home. She was woken in the middle of the night to find a woman standing beside her. The description was almost identical to the woman Ruth reported, except the woman was wearing different clothing. Instead, the nightgown Ruth’s mother was wearing was the exact same clothing the apparition was wearing. Was this an attempt to find some common trait so that it would be less frightening?

Prior to this incident, Ruth’s mother had no idea that the woman had appeared to Ruth a few months earlier. Ruth almost found it absurd that her mother would even bring it up as she was not the sort of woman who believed in ghosts or the paranormal. Nonetheless, her mother knew what she saw and was disturbed enough to mention it to Ruth and her husband.
Ruth and I were equally confused about how the apparition seemed to be wearing a nightgown just like Ruth’s. These are small details but they are very important to us as these details lend clues to whom or what we might be dealing with. Another detail I found interesting was that Ruth never referred to the apparition as ‘she’ or ‘her,’ but instead as ‘it’. Small details, but important enough for me to notice.

The Son Sees Lights

One of Ruth’s stepsons who is about 13 years old described seeing lights in his room at night. He had become so frightened by these repeated occurrences that he refused to sleep in the dark and insisted that the lights be kept on in the bedroom at night when he slept. The son only visited every other weekend so there was limited information on his sightings and we were not able to interview him directly. Nonetheless, the lights he witnessed numerous times were obviously distressing to him and important enough for our clients to tell us about.

Ask and Ask Again

We heard enough to start formulating a hypothesis. Yet, there was a gnawing in my gut telling me she was holding back.  As we started to wrap up I inquired if  anything else notable had ever happened it would really help us to help them.  Anything strange, unusual, or didn’t seem to fit with reality might prove  important, even if it was years ago. Ruth glanced at her husband as if to comfort herself.  She begin to describe a terrifying experience decades earlier.  

The Great Glowing Orb and the Missing Time

Ruth was in a previous marriage a few years earlier. They bought a house about a hundred miles away from where she is now. One night, a friend spent the night with them. They watched scary movies all night, and when it was time to turn in, she remembers the banter about the bogeyman coming to get them. The typical, playful razzing that comes with watching horror movies.

Ruth and her ex- husband turned into their bedroom while their friend went to bed in the room down the hallway. Ruth and her husband were sitting in bed talking when a brilliant white ball of light appeared in the hallway and made its way into the bedroom. A primal fear kicked in for all of them. Ruth’s female friend ran down the hallway into the bedroom where she climbed into their bed screaming and panicked.

The next thing they remember is the ball of light was gone and four hours had passed with no explanation of how, why, or when. Whatever Ruth, her husband, and their guest witnessed that night was frightening enough that Ruth refused to stay in the house any longer. She packed her bags and never returned to the home again.

Paranormal Investigators Left Speechless

The car ride home after a paranormal consultation is always full of conversation about our thoughts and theories. This is truly when the process of planning an investigation takes place. This car ride home was different. We sat in absolute silence for at least 15 minutes before saying a word. Instantly, we turned to each other and said, “This is not a haunting. This is much more serious.” I felt better knowing that my Case Manager had the same train of thought I did.

We begin to discuss the case at length. Some things were pulling at my gut. The ball of light and the episode of missing time were never something we had encountered. The strange characteristics of the apparition were bizarre. It was strange that she was wearing the same night gown as Ruth and her mother. It was highly unusual that the apparition was visible for minutes and so much detail was apparent. In a normal haunting, spirits are fairly fleeting. They manifest in a way that doesn’t allow for detail because it’s believed it takes too much energy to do so. We have never had such vivid details on any spirit appearance. Ruth’s unexplained illness was another strange clue. Of course, there were many other details that didn’t seem to make sense. Maybe Ruth’s female ghost was more than just a friendly relative that came back to visit. Maybe Ruth was being visited by something far more sinister.

The Paranormal Paperwork

Later, as I reviewed the client’s paperwork I lost my breath. Here is a summary of the apparition form that we give to people who have seen apparitions:

Question: Briefly describe the apparition?
Shoulder length, blonde hair; very thin body, medium height, pale, high cheekbones, thin lips; She turned and looked towards the end of the bed
Question: What was the apparition wearing?
The same nightgown that I was in
Question: How close were you to the apparition?
Less than a foot
Question: Did you know it was an apparition immediately or did it take some time before you realized what you were seeing?
Not initially, however, I could clearly see it. There was a haze around it.
Question: Describe your thoughts during the experience?
Afraid, lots of anxiety. Was trying to wake my husband but I was unable to speak.

Alien Abduction: Do We Even Go There?

Making the jump from a haunting to a possible alien abduction is a far leap. Then again… weird is our business and there are things that in the past I dismissed as being too far fetched. I’ve learned taking that leap is essential to making things as right as possible for the client. I’ve contacted a friend who is a Field Investigator for the Mutual UFO Network to see what his take is on the situation.

In the meantime, I have been trying to do some research to see what similarities there are between Ruth’s case and other abductees’ experiences. Here are a few things I know to be true from what the client told us and what other’s report.

  • Unusual illnesses
    -Insomnia (Ruth reported to us that she has extreme difficulty falling asleep.
    -A feeling of waking at night and being paralyzed
    -Seeing balls of light at night in the bedroom you sleep in (Reported by Ruth and her stepson)
    -The apparition was described as having long arms and legs, thin lips, large eyes, a thin and elongated neck. These are all characteristics that have been described previously by alien abductees as being a “hybrid” alien. In other words, a being that is half-human, half-alien.

Conclusion to the Paranormal Investigation

We did conduct a paranormal investigation of the home. We did find some former relatives that were arguing between themselves as they did when they were living. As for the woman at the bedside and the strange, visible orbs of light we had no explanation. Possible static light could have appeared in the master bedroom where there was a humidifier, but it couldn’t have caused the light orbs in the stepson’s bedroom.

We had no answer for the earlier incident of the immense, glowing orb that was seen by Ruth and her friends in the earlier years and caused a 4 hour lapse in time. At least, not one that we could attribute to anything of this world or the spiritual plane.

I did speak to her privately about my feelings. I gave her some resources that could help her. She did not seem surprised but she was hesitant. How do you help a client who might be taken by something alien? How do you explain that she and her family have no power over this?

Our job is to help our clients resolve living with something spiritual. We help those on the other side understand that they no longer are allowed to disturb those living. We couldn’t do that here. All parties involved are left with no resolution but instead, left with a question that is unnerving.
What would you do?

Brenda Newby

Brenda Newby

Paranormal Researcher Terrell Ghosts Founder Paranormal Author Operations Director MUFON trained Field Investigator Member of Rhine Research Institute Specializing in EVP work

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