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July 16, 2020

Haunted Adolphus Hotel

Time for the Former Elevator Operator to Call in Dead.

“Ghosts don’t stay buried when they’re laced in gold.”

― Emory R. Frie, Giant Country Tweet
July 16, 2020

Yet Another Spirit in A White Dress:  The Haunted Adolphus Hotel

Looking for an enchanted haunted hotel in Dallas?  Look no further than the luxurious and historical, haunted Adolphus Hotel on lower Commerce Street in downtown Dallas.  It’s among many of the admittedly haunted hotels in Dallas, and in Texas.  

There is a lot of Texas folklore surrounding the Adolphus Hotel.  It was built in 1912 by the founder of the Anheuser-Busch Company, and at one time was the tallest building in the State.  Many celebrities, statesmen, and foreign dignitaries have graced its’ rooms.  

I recall watching from an office in a nearby high rise as Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II was greeted and escorted into the front door.  Even more exciting to me were the glamorous actors and actresses that arrived with fanfare as the press vied for photographs (OMG George Peppard!).  I often wonder if they encountered the ghostly apparition of the jilted bride who wanders the hallways looking for her absent groom.   Can you imagine Queen Elizabeth losing her composure for just a moment as a ghostly image drifted through the door of her VIP suite?  Her long, white wedding gown drifting about her like smoke…  

What is it about ghosts and long, white dresses?  Maybe the White Rock Lake’s “Lady of the Lake” stayed in her rescuer’s car long enough to check into the Adolphus Hotel.

I attended a  Quinceañera in the 1960s in the very 19th-floor ballroom which the ghostly bride favors.  Nothing spooky happened unless you count my date was not clear on which fork to use.  However, that is the room in which she reportedly hung herself out of grief and humiliation.   The floor now consists of just guest rooms, so she must be sharing her distress with many guests staying on that floor.

The Stoneleigh Hotel on Oak Lawn Avenue, the old Statler Hilton further up Commerce Street, and newer hotels which have been developed inside old historical buildings, such as the Magnolia Hotel, have their own scary stories filling the hallways.  Yes, Virginia, there are many haunted places in Dallas!

Images courtesy of D Magazine.  Learn more about the Adolphus Hotel and book your room through their website.  They are currently open and using social distancing practices.  Might be a great stay-cation for those of us with cabin fever.  

Mary Jo

  • Lead Paranormal Investigator
  • Terrell Ghosts Co-Founder
  • Paranormal Author
  • Artist, Outlander and Deviant Work
  • Paranormal Photography Specialist

Floor 19 seems to be a busy paranormal hot spot at the haunted Adolphus Hotel. As these YouTube guests can attest…

The elevators seem to be quite busy, at some unseen hand, on the 19th floor.  I wonder when they last had them serviced?

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A few paranormal groups had footage on the Internet.  I purposely left them out.  In the video’s comments they bragged about how they found access to an large empty storage area. They did not have permission to enter.  These teams cause a stain on the entire field of supernatural phenomenon. Not to mention, they could have gotten hurt. 

If you want to investigate… ask permission.  You might be surprised by the answer.

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