Ghosts Are Watching You

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"The more enlightened our houses are, the more their walls ooze ghosts." -Italio Covino

Ghostly Light Orbs Suddenly Alert Homeowner

We were called to investigate orbs that suddenly and repeatedly started setting off a woman’s motion-activated living room camera. The client had previously reported paranormal occurrences to our team, but was bothered by a series of unusual short videos captured by her living room camera. As soon as we watched the footage we realized we had a haunting.

Poltergeist Activity Caught on Indoor Security Cameras

The first video we reviewed showed two bottles sitting on her coffee table. When the client turned her back the bottles moved, in tandem, about 6 inches, stopped then moved another 6 inches.. In another video, we tracked an orb that manifested from the foyer, then intelligently followed it down the hallway.; We viewed the video several times and contemplated potential organic explanations for the balls of light. Hyper-focused in our dissection of the glowing anomalies, we were oblivious to one of the most important experiences happening in the video.
An investigator was insistent there was a movement going on at the front door.  Motivated to examine it myself, I watched the video several more times. Suddenly, I saw and the hair on my arms stood up. I cannot believe I missed it. Our client wasn’t alone that night.

She Was Being Watched by a Shadowman

The camera, set at eye level, centered on a thin, embellished window in the center of the front door. An odd shadow becomes apparent in the window. It appears to shift from the left side of the porch into view. Iit looks into the client’s living room. The shadowman instantly disappears back in the same manner it appeared. (Video below)

The Debunking Commences

The team instantly jumped into action attempting to replicate the events as if we were doing a recreation. Standing on the front porch trying to mimic the behavior of this humanoid shadow; There was a motion light on the front porch, which sits on the left side of the door. It was sensitive and impossible not to set off. The light is incredibly bright and slight movement immediately illuminates the area for approximately 3 seconds. In the video the motion light had never triggered.

Video is nothing more than a collection of images with time between them. With the short time the light turns on, it could be illuminated during the “in-between” time. It is possible the light could have triggered in the space between photos but not likely. I do not believe the light has never been triggered. If it had, it would have caught the resident’s attention.

Close Your Blinds

The team conducted a congress out of the earshot of the client. We’d all come to the same conclusion. Whatever it was, it wasn’t human. .Something sinister was stalking our client like a haunted peeping tom.

Brenda Newby

Brenda Newby

Paranormal Researcher Terrell Ghosts Founder Paranormal Author Operations Director MUFON trained Field Investigator Member of Rhine Research Institute Specializing in EVP work

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Paranormal research is theoretical. Technological advances have improved our ability to record phenomena that may indicate afterlife. Even so, we work with our own perspectives and colleagues’ understanding. Our research and courses are centered on what is generally agreed upon by the entire paranormal community.

No one can conclude by scientific theory alone. Currently, it is impossible to predict the behavior of a subject whose behavior cannot be consistently observed.

There are confirmed instances where potential hauntings injured individuals. Terrell Ghosts serve in good faith to obtain knowledge which can help define potential phenomena based on personal experience, generally agreed upon concepts, fundamental physics or other sciences.

Although unlikely, hazards may unexpectedly occur. Due to the unpredictability of a paranormal research, we cannot take responsibility for injuries.
We suggest that anyone living with suspected paranormal activity use their best judgment to protect themselves.

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