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signs your house is haunted
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Brenda Newby

Is My House Haunted?

10 Signs Your House is Haunted. Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on pinterest Share on email Honey, our silverware is

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ufo and alien abduction dallas
Paranormal Blogs
Brenda Newby

Haunting to Alien Abduction?

Ruth and her ex- husband turned into their bedroom while their friend went to bed in the room down the hallway. Ruth and her husband were sitting in bed talking when a brilliant white ball of light appeared in the hallway and made its way into the bedroom. A primal fear kicked in for all of them. Ruth’s female friend ran down the hallway into the bedroom where she climbed into their bed screaming and panicked.

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White Rock Lake Lady in White
Paranormal Blogs
Mary Jo

Lady of White Rock Lake

It was a different park than today, not so developed. It was not the creepy place described in urban legends. Even then there were stories of bygone days of White Rock Lake murders, along with all the other Dallas urban legends and folklore. Without a doubt, the biggest legend was that of the “Lady of the Lake,”, or the “Lady in White.”

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Haunted Adolphus Hotel Dallas Texas

Looking for an enchanted haunted hotel in Dallas?  Look no further than the luxurious and historical, haunted Adolphus Hotel on lower Commerce Street in downtown Dallas.  It’s among many of the admittedly haunted hotels in Dallas, and in Texas.  

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Shadow manGhost watching me
Paranormal Blogs
Brenda Newby

Shadowman Peers At Woman Through Her Window

This camera, set at eye level, was focused on a small, embellished window in the center of the front door. An unusual shadow becomes visible in the window.  It appears to move from the left side of the porch into view as it peers into the client’s living room. As suddenly as it appeared, the being the ghostly shadow person disappears.  We were able to salvage the video, as seen below.  

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