Will You Play With Me? Hill House Investigation Part 1

Young Child asks me to play

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"The more enlightened our houses are, the more their walls ooze ghosts." -Italio Covino

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Hill Haunted House Mineral Wells


There are many spirits in the Hill House. Some ghosts are malicious, hostile and will hiss, shout or threaten you. This is the first time I’d ever heard a complete sentence delivered audibly by something unseen. Usually the research team spends weeks listening to hours of audio only to find small sections of electronic voice phenomenon buried in the static.  Voices so faint, they can only be recorded with a dynamic microphone and are an essential piece of research equipment.  Sometimes we find a whisper we can understand but just as often, we cannot.    Many tedious hours are spent finding a needle in a haystack.  We do this seeking short phrases from beyond.

The Hill House in Mineral Wells, Texas is different. The spirits speak directly to you. No microphone needed. In real time, you hear them!

This sort of investigation is what separates the rock stars from the groupies.  Of course, groupies are welcome, but usually find themselves at one of the local hotels by midnight.


With only 3 investigators that night a debate ensued.  No one except myself volunteered to sleep alone.  I found an incredibly comfortable bed in The Axe Room located at the bottom of the stairs, with my steps in the back, and the door in the foyer.  With no intention of sleeping, I simply found a comfy bed and pulled out my computer.  

I would like to experience the house without interruption, so on my computer I find a mindless task.  I worked on our household finances.  Before I realized, two hours had passed.


Throughout the home, I heard voices but I couldn’t understand what was being said. They were far enough away to ignore. Strangely, I cleared my throat every time I heard something.  It was the only tactic I could think of to break the deafening silence between the other noises.  There was no way to be still and silent. The chattering, the banging, the footstools and the other other worldly hooplah I just wanted to ignore.


Suddenly there was a sweet childlike voice, on my left-hand side not more than two feet from where I was sitting, asking, “Will you please play?” I turned absolutely afraid to see the child. Seeing nothing I started calling out gently, “Hello.” I slowly stepped out of the bed, standing up, slowly stepping forward with anxiety. I reached the foyer only to hear fast, running footsteps  clearly sprinting away from me. I called out again and I got no answer. Then I called for my fellow investigators.


The other two investigators were asleep. I will wake them up, no doubt, for the pure egoism of all of this. I wanted to tell you about my encounter. For just a minute in that house I didn’t have to be alone. But not one of them came from the bed. They answered me but continued their slumber. Oh, Humbug Bah! Oh! Oh!


In the kitchen, I knew that in my hall and in my room I could review the CCTV. I could see the shaking of the stairway banister the minute prior to the voice encounter. There was obvious evidence right in front of me, I’m not sure why I didn’t hear it myself. After that, I’m seen coming out of bed and heading to the foyer, a few seconds later. Sadly, I was sure that it would not be shared, because CCTV doesn’t capture audio.

Then I remembered my recording system still was in my left arm and still running. I couldn’t get to it quickly enough.

What do you think of the voice?

Tell us what you think.

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