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We are in the beta stages of setting up a membership only site for our guests.  Currently, it is free to anyone who registers and you will have access to all services we will slowly unveil.

Become a member of Terrell Ghost’s Membership for free of charge.  You will get access to exclusive blogs, podcasts, contests, coupons, events, and more.  As a member, you will connect to other ghost hunting hobbyists and experienced professional investigators.

Tell your stories, get feedback from experienced professional researchers, and be eligible for regular prizes, all courtesy of Terrell Ghosts.

Becoming a Terrell Ghosts Member also allows you to become part of a community where you can socialize and make friends.  Membership rewards and benefits include:

    • Exclusive deals and coupons
    • Upload your own photos/videos/audio to get the opinion as to what you captured may or may not be paranormal
    • Join or create a forum about a topic that interests you.
    • Be eligible for free online paranormal classes.
    • Join free webinars and live streams with paranormal investigators
    • Get discounts on products and events.
    • Time-sensitive offers
    • Contests
    • And so much more.