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Blog Archive

Don’t forget to checkout. Paranormal researchers who mean business talk to you about experiences, tips, and how we work Ghost

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Ghost Children Speak

Hill House Investigation Part 1

I’ve had many supernatural experiences. Some have given me nightmares for years. However, the sound of this young man’s voice touched me on a personal level that I will never forget.

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is my house haunted

Is My House Haunted?

Do you find your cabinet doors open in the morning? Have you misplaced your car keys, yet again, only to find them in the refrigerator? Are you hearing voices and/or catching fleeting shadows outside of your line of vision? Are you questioning your own sanity?

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the haunted historic jefferson hotel

Ghostly Pranks at the Haunted, Historic Jefferson Hotel

Just recently stayed a night at the Haunted, Historic Jefferson Hotel. As paranormal investigators, we were not disappointed. This recent video happened while the owner was working in the hallway one of the doors had its latch pop open and the door followed. The spirits at this place never disappoint.

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Shadow manGhost watching me

Ghosts Are Watching You

The advancement of affordable technology has provided residents with a way to witness paranormal events that may normally go unnoticed.  The end result is an upset tenant who has captured unbelievable footage of normally unseen entities actually lurking around in the house.  This results in hours of footage gracing our inbox from upset families wanting to know one thing:  What the hell is happening in your house?

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Haunting to Alien Abduction

Ruth and her ex- husband turned into their bedroom while their friend went to bed in the room down the hallway. Ruth and her husband were sitting in bed talking when a brilliant white ball of light appeared in the hallway and made its way into the bedroom. A primal fear kicked in for all of them. Ruth’s female friend ran down the hallway into the bedroom where she climbed into their bed screaming and panicked.

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Ghostly Drip in Haunted Terrell Building

When we started the tour a couple of years ago we were collecting stories from the local business owners regarding any paranormal activity. We were desperate for any accurate stories that would delight and make our guests say, “Wow”. Well, I approached Morgan Miller at the Farmers Insurance Agency and, even though he believed and was in the historic Brin Opera House Building, he only had one real story that could be a “possible” ghost story.

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learn to read tarot

Learning to Read Tarot

They all insisted a person need not be “sensitive” to read Tarot cards and benefit from their insight. And you know, they’re just so beautiful! I’m here to share my lessons learned, some the hard way.

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Paranormal research is theoretical. Technological advances have improved our ability to record phenomena that may indicate afterlife. Even so, we work with our own perspectives and colleagues’ understanding. Our research and courses are centered on what is generally agreed upon by the entire paranormal community.

No one can conclude by scientific theory alone. Currently, it is impossible to predict the behavior of a subject whose behavior cannot be consistently observed.

There are confirmed instances where potential hauntings injured individuals. Terrell Ghosts serve in good faith to obtain knowledge which can help define potential phenomena based on personal experience, generally agreed upon concepts, fundamental physics or other sciences.

Although unlikely, hazards may unexpectedly occur. Due to the unpredictability of a paranormal research, we cannot take responsibility for injuries.
We suggest that anyone living with suspected paranormal activity use their best judgment to protect themselves.

We are getting closer and gathering more information but no one has the answers yet.  

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