"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed and third, it is being accepted as self-evident."

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About Terrell Ghosts Paranormal Team

Terrell Ghosts, started as Spirit Research Team or S.P.I.R.I.T., was formed in 2013.  Founded by a family: son, mother, and grandmother.  The group attended a ghost walk in Jefferson, TX.  During the night they took photos of a notoriously haunted location called The Grove, Much to their surprise, they captured a photo of a spirit known,  reported, and documented for over 100 years. (photo shown below)

The timing of this photograph came after one of the members was battling a frightening and potentially life-ending disease.  This one photograph changed her entire attitude about the afterlife.  It became a force for the positive that our loved ones are still with us in spirit energy.

Terrell paranormal team

Soon the founding team began to work with Amy, a talented Medium and Psychic.  The experience changed their views on what Mediums are about and how powerful their talents can be when focused, highly-trained, honest, and trusted.  It also changed the way they investigated.

Since then, they have established the Terrell Ghost Walk, published a book, hosted Medium readings with vetted professionals, and more.  The business continues to grow today.

As always, the team offers investigations for those that need it, free of charge.

The Terrell Paranormal Team came to fruition almost overnight.  Our team didn’t want to become a “typical ghost hunter team.”  Instead they dedicated themselves to approaching paranormal investigation as a science and with a unprecedented professionalism. 

jefferson ghost walk ghost photo of man of the grove

In this photo, the alleged apparition is seen on the left standing next to the house, the white building on the right.  You can see the darkest part of the roof to gain comparison.  This is the first photograph of an apparition taken by the team and it started the formation of Terrell Ghosts. 

The ghostly image is believed to be of a man  who used to stay in the home’s maid’s quarters.  He has been seen and photographed by others for over 100 years.

Photo captured in the garden of the Grove House located in Jefferson, Texas.

Our Philosophy

We believe…

♦  in objectivity, critical thinking and scrutiny, & being current with trends & the latest science available to us as researchers,

♦  the paranormal is frightening because it is misunderstood,

♦  ghostly events may be indication that those who have passed are trying to share their legacy.  

♦  in duty & responsibility to treat the living & departed with respect & dignity

♦  no one should live or work in fear of a haunting.

in learning/sharing new skills with other paranormal teams to add legitimacy to our research,   

home & business owners should never be charged for any paranormal investigation

in conducting business with integrity, honesty, transparency, objectivity, and most of all, confidentiality.

Please contact our office if we can be of service.  972-546-7536 or email at investigators@terrellghosts.com.

Media and Affiliations

The Terrell Ghosts Team

Our primary team consists of regular investigators.  Each case includes a walk through with our Medium.  Our ancillary team members are not listed.

Brenda Newby Paranormal Investigator


Owner, Co-Founder, Paranormal Investigator & Author

Mary Jo

Owner, Co-Founder, Paranormal Investigator & Author, Paranormal Artist

Kristi Terrell ghost Walk tour guide


Co-Owner, Tour Director, Paranormal Investigator


Co-Owner, Paranormal Investigator