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We are a 3 generation paranormal team, Grandmother, Mother, and Son.  During a time when our family was experiencing a health crisis, we caught a spirit on a photo.  It was in 2012 that our paranormal investigation team originated.

Since that time we have expanded to work with a group of trusted Mediums, and experienced Paranormal Investigators, and other professionals to expand our services.  

We take a great honor in respecting those who have crossed over and we attempt to honor their legacy.We work with other paranormal teams to help establish standards of professionalism and the development of realistic, scientific investigation.

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Photograph is of the team’s original founders.  Members have changed and rotate in and out on a periodic basis.

  • Lead Investigator, Author, Artist, Paranormal Photographer:  Mary Jo Woodruff

  • Audio/Visual Tech, Investigator, Sensitive:  Dayton Gardner

  • Director of Operations, Case Manager, Author, Investigator:  Brenda Newby

  • Investigator, Sensitive:  Amy Scott

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